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Since 1998 our Company has grown substantially. Our products have been installed in thousands of homes and commercial properties around the world. Below are a few of our company highlights. Have a Question? Contact Us Today!

After almost a year of searching for the right product, a customer in West Texas with a $10 million dollar estate, had Mirage/Waterless Grass installed on over 25,000 square feet of lawn in the front and back yard of his personal residence. After the installation, the customer reported his friends and neighbors stopped by and remarked how amazed they were that the grass was artificial.

Mirage/Waterless Grass was featured as the Official Grass of the 2008 Las Vegas Parade of Homes. This prestigious event showcases the top builders with their most exquisite, expensive homes. Only the best of the best products are exhibited at this event.

Mirage Putting Green and Waterless Grass Systems was Featured on HGTV

We are pleased to announce that Mirage/Waterless Grass was chosen by the Los Angeles Fire Departments Training Center for their lawn.

Mirage/Waterless Grass is installed on several rooftops located in Los Angeles as rooftop gardens.

Mirage/Waterless Grass builds “The Yard of the Future” on a 3 acre residential site in Las Vegas, Nevada, becoming one of the largest product displays in the world showcasing Mirage/Waterless Grass products which include: synthetic putting greens, lawn grass, artificial trees, artificial plants and other futuristic outdoor products.

PGA Touring Professional “Arron Oberhoulser” has selected a Mirage Tour Putt practice green in his own personal residence.

PGA Touring Professional and US Amateur Camp “Ricky Barnes” has selected a Mirage Tour Putt practice green in his own personal residence.

All-Pro NFL player, Q Bouldin of the Arizona Cardinals Professional Football Team has been chosen Mirage Tour Putt & Waterless Grass for his personal residence. His new practice putting green and lawn grass totals over 4,500 sq. Ft.

Mirage Tour Putt & Waterless Grass was selected by NBA player Mike Bibby of the Sacramento Kings Professional Basketball Team for his backyard practice putting green.

250,000 sq. Ft. Of the Mirage Tour Putt & Waterless Grass is contracted to be installed at multiple facilities at one of the largest daycare companies in the United States.

More than 3,000 sq. Ft of Mirage Tour Putt & 2,500 sq. Ft. Of Waterless Grass was installed at The Marriott Resort in Palm Springs, California. The Marriott Resort is one of the largest time-share resorts in the world.

The Mirage Tour Putt & Waterless Grass products were selected and installed as one of the world’s most expensive backyard putting greens, totaling well over $200,000.

Mirage Tour Putt & Waterless Grass is selected for installation by seven Arizona YMCA facilities.

The Mirage Waterless Grass is chosen to be part of Disney’s new tv show set of the tv program “Phil of the Future.”

Mirage Tour Putt is the selected turf for Edwin Watts, Florida’s largest golf retail chain.

Mirage Tour Putt is selected by the national retail gold chain, The Golfsmith” to be installed at all present and future retail locations.

Mirage Turf is selected to replace the deep sand-filled practice green at the Harvey Penick Golf Acadamy/Golfsmith Corporate HQ located in Austin, Texas.

Mirage Turf is used to redo “Deep Sand-Filled Greens” at a regulation golf course in Canada.

Mirage launches its line of Spring-Set, Multi-Colored fiber, Sand-Filled Putting Turf System.

Our Mirage Turf is exclusively manufactured to our proprietary specifications, such as: fiber design, fiber color, tufting density and weight, and backings. We accomplish this with a strategic alliance with our specialized manufacturing partners.

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